Doll Happy Birthday!

Doll Happy Birthday!
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  • The doll was created for the "Other Dolls" competition. I would like to touch upon the topic of psychological violence in the family, breakdown and driving to suicide. She will not be able to remove the beatings from the crippled faith in herself, the raped self-esteem, the torn, spattered soul with trampled butterflies. And there is no one to complain ... "It seemed to you ... do not pay attention ... do not invent!" And nowhere to run ... And despair covers and strangles. And the pillow is my best friend, wet with tears every night. And she begins to believe that nothing good will happen anymore, that everyone will be better off SO. Hands tremble violently, and the thin skin on the wrist crunches under the pressure of a dull razor. It hurts and scares ... and reserves of determination are spreading along with a thin red trickle across the floor ... after all, everyone will be better off SO ... And in the evening the dearest person in the world comes. With a gift. After all, today is her birthday! Just be quiet. Don't spoil the holiday. Happy Birthday! Smile ...
  • Matherial: Darwi Roc, Jovi,Paperclay, acrylic, fabric, wood
  • Technique: Modeling
  • Date created: 2021
  • 2021
  • Price: 650
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  • Self-pickup
  • Cash, upon receiving the order
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