• Fashion Doll

    Fashion Doll

    17-19 February 2017 in the International exhibition center of Kiev will be held XIII International exhibition of dolls and Teddy "Fashion Doll".

    The exhibition will be attended by President of the Foundation "World Dolls" Lana Letta and editor of "The Puppet Master" Hope Teterin. February 18 will be held summarizing the contest dolls "Fashion Doll".

  • Participation in international competition

    Participation in international competition

    In the "Best of 2015" of the International Association of designers VATIKAM in ketegorii "Sculpture" work Nikolsky Oksana "Elephant" was awarded the Diploma of the second degree.

  • The "Dialogue"

    The "Dialogue"

    It begins with a sketch of the work on a new project. What will it be? Often the customer and he knows exactly what he wants. He wants to be beautiful. Or cool. Or unusual. Getting to know the customer, his wishes to work, interior - provide the first clues. Speaking to notice every detail, which can provide insight into the inner world of the customer. Then take time to digest everything. Brain lays out the information and impressions on the shelves, and after some time, the image is born.

    The owner of the house was born in the year of the golden dragon, and educates young daughter - that this was the subject of future work. Even when she gets older, she'll always be the little princess for a loving father. And in the eyes of the baby's father will always be respected and supported.

    So the eternal theme of fathers and children. Difficult Conversation loved ones.

  • Charming bloom

    Charming bloom

    Charming lotus bloom in the lawn. It does not bud and does not wither. He is not afraid of rain and frost. He is not capricious, and do not need special care for them. He gives joy and the light of their owners. Eating sunlight, he lights up at night.

  • Who is there?

    Who is there?

    Is preparing to debut a couple of Hippo. Funny couple will graze on the lawn, and bring joy to the owner at any time of the year.


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